kite surf can change you live

Kite surf School jeri . We teach you in the easiest possible waist deep, flat shallow water conditions. Recommended lesson packages feature one-on-one or semi-private instruction. No one makes it easier to ride!Kitesurfing in kite surf Brasil Jericoacoara

Gokitejeri surf school  Brasil offers private and semi-private kiteboarding lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Lessons commence at either 11am or 2pm. To become proficient as a Beginner Kiteboarder you might require more than a 1-day lesson. It takes time to master all the aspects of the sport and getting up on a kiteboard could take 2-3 days of lessons.

learn kite surf from the beginning

In the Gokitejeri kite surf school  We all have been a beginner one day, that why we decide to offer a wide range of kitesurfing courses and prices to suit the evolution and budget of every ones. We are offering courses from 1 day – to complete training course of 4 days or more to become a real Addict to kitesurfing.


You already done some kitesurfing before but you still need a teacher at your side.

This page is dedicated to everybody who have a past kitesurfing experience and who would like to finish a course started before ( with us or an other school ) or just to improve their technics and refresh their knowledge !

We always advice our students looking for a fast and efficient learning process, to choose either private or semi private lessons, in order to enjoy your time at the maximum and to not have to wait on the rest of a group, which could slow you down.
    • Evaluate your level and the learning stage where you are,

    • Choose whether you want to share a kite or not?

    • How many days and hours would you like to do?

    • Choose the kitesurfing lesson which will fit your budget.

o make sure that you can enjoy your kitesurfing holidays at the maximum and benefit of every windy days, we propose attractive prices with special deals if you Pre-book a course.


Kite surf can change your life !